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Image Search App in 10 MINUTES Challenge - Unsplash Api and CSS grid

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Image Search App in 10 MINUTES Challenge - Unsplash Api and CSS grid

Image Search app in 10 min

Checkout the deployed project here:

Watch the YouTube video:

Hello, and welcome to my blog! 😊

In this video, I make a photo search app, that takes in a keyword and return 10 images that is taken from the API. The user can search with any keyword and scroll through to the next / previous page. This is a challenge, and my fourth attempt when I finally managed to code the app in less than 10 minutes!

You can view all the code on Github:

--How it works--

It's quite simple. I align everything using css grid, and have 10 empty images when the website first loades. I use a css background pattern and some hover effect to make everything look nice. When the user types in a keyword and clicks on submit the code makes a request to the unsplash api, and returns a list of urls related to that keyword. It then sets the src attribute of those images to the urls returned.

The fetch call looks like this:

function displayImages(keyword, page) {
        .then(res => res.json())
        .then(data => {
            for(let i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
                images[i].setAttribute("src", `${data.results[i].urls.small}`)
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And that's more or less it, the only hard part is making everything come together in 10 minutes ;)

--About me--

Hello! My name is Sebastian, and I'm a high-school student from Sweden. I have dabbled with some front-end development for the past few months. And since Christmas brake finally arrived, I've decided to start a challenge for myself! I'm going to code for the coming 20 days.

I'm following the front-end career path at Scrimba and I'm currently at module 8 (Flexbox, Grid and Fetch)

By the end of the 20 days I'm hoping to have finished the front-end career path and have started with some backend Node.js development. I will be documenting my progress for the coming days, and filming myself on my Youtube-channel, so feel free to follow along my journey and learn with me!

--Social Media--

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