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Molasses is Live on Product Hunt!

Molasses is launching on Product Hunt Today!

208 times more often.

According to the latest State of the DevOps report, high performing teams deploy code 208 times more often than a low performing team. While actually having fewer bugs. More deployments?! Less bugs?!

When I read that I was shook. So I decided to help teams faster and ship code with fewer bugs by launching Molasses!

Molasses is a feature flag platform. Feature flags are a technique that allows you to turn on or off features without having to deploy new code, allowing you to release code more often. Molasses supports many different languages and frameworks - React, React Native, TypeScript, JS, Node, Go, Python, and Ruby.

Once you use tools like this you realize how important it is to have powerful tooling around it. So I also included audit logging and an integration with Slack.

I'm excited for folks to try Molasses. If you are looking to give it a test run, let me know and I can help you get started right away. Check out our website, our github and of course our Product Hunt Page!

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