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Gourav Singh Rawat
Gourav Singh Rawat

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Web Developer, why become one?

Web development, you must have heard of this word before and specially if you're from some technical background.
But what does this mean?
The websites you see are made by Web-developers of course you must have seen, everyone knows about them, they are like pages that show some information and more.
Well in 2021 almost everyone is familiar with programming and many are even learning some languages, but no matter how good programmer you are, you can't ignore web. Now by this I don't mean that web-developers are not programmers but there is a thin grey line between both in my opinion. What people know about both of them is that they earn a considerable amount which satisfactory to hear but the efforts behind that comfort is HUGE!
Web-developers are in every company you see today even in startups because everyone needs that page for themselves. So now you might think how can one call himself a web-developer is there some sort of degree that one needs to do?
Well no, there are many tutorials and guides out there on the internet and many communities that beginner friendly that love to help beginners and guide them through their journey, please note that I'm not referring to some paid courses or any sort of promotion, it's just for guidance.
Hope this was inspiring.

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Chris Benjamin

It’s something you can learn quickly and for free and make money. Nice article.

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Its better than lift weight somewhere to make money. Hope this was inspiring 😁