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Seema Saharan
Seema Saharan

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Productivity Hack for Developers/Students

I was just learning something, and I realized that we spend more time searching and exploring things but not focus on the learning part.
So, how can we improve that?

Make Sticky Notes

Write down all the daily tasks that you need to do, and set them according to the priority order.

But when to make Sticky Notes?
A good trick is that make them one day before because that will see your time to not think the next day what you have to do.

Time management

The best way I can suggest to you is that when you start doing a task then write the approx time you will invest in that particular task. And after doing that, note down the actual time it took you to complete that.

How to handle social media distraction?

Apply the 50/10 approach.
What's that?

Well, work on your tasks for 50 minutes, and give yourself a break for 10 minutes, in those 10 minutes you can use either social media, or give yourself some rest.

These things aren't easy to apply, but if you try every day it will create a habit, and your productivity will increase.

Let me know what you use!

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Ben Halpern

Nice post

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Seema Saharan

Thank you.