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10 Reasons Why Python Will Still Dominate Programming Languages By 2027

Back in 2016, Python overtook Java as the most popular programming language, and the caravan never stopped! Since then, the number of python users has exponentially increased, thus making it a lingua franca in the field of computer science.

Today, most IT corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies actively hire python app developers. With the growing popularity of Machine Learning and Data Science, this trend is inevitably going to increase in the upcoming years.

Here are 10 reasons why Python will still be a dominating programming language by 2027:

Python is Much Simpler to Learn

When it comes to coding, even a small mistake like skipping a semicolon can cost you multiple working hours. This problem is easily tackled with the help of Python as the syntax is much cleaner and simpler to grasp. Beginners can easily understand complex topics, without worrying about strict rules.

Designed in the 1980s, Python was meant to be a general-purpose language. As such, it is widely used by amateurs and professionals alike. With time, more newcomers are actively picking Python to kickstart their coding journey to build websites, games, or mobile applications.

Most IT Giants Actively Use Python

Python’s versatility is not unknown to the world. From designing simple websites to building an extensive framework, most tasks can easily be done using this programming language. As a result, any emerging tech or mobile app development company is most likely to use Python for its backend and front-end coding.

Top IT Giants like Quora, Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Reddit, etc., use Python. Following suit, you can expect emerging corporations and startups to do the same.

Vast Community Support
With 15.7 million active users, Python is one of the most widely used top programming languages. In the last five years, it has grown by 7.1%. This massive upsurge in popularity is only possible when there’s a large support community working in the background to support the beginners.

This open-source language also has multiple PHP libraries and frameworks to make the coding process easier. A few examples of popular libraries are matplotlib, numpy, etc. In total, Python’s repository has 147,000 packages.

Ideal for Web Development

As one of the top dominant languages in the world, Python has a huge user base of web developers. Here, you don’t need to compile the code before executing it, which in return, makes the debugging process simpler.

Python app development and website creation frameworks like Django and CherryPy further make the development process simpler. Additionally, it can easily be used for database connectivity with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

Popularly Used in Data Science

With growing Data Science trends, more and more organizations have started using data analytics to track their progress. Python provides multiple powerful tools and libraries that make tasks like data exploration, visualization, and manipulation easy.

With basic knowledge of Python and statistics, any individual can now comfortably import their organization's data. As the number of jobs in the Data Science field keeps increasing, more people will need to learn Python.

Usage in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

When you feed data into a machine, it learns the common patterns and can predict the upcoming outcomes. This is done with the help of Machine Learning algorithms written in Python.

Python’s packages like NumPy, TensorFlow, and Keras help people get familiar with such algorithms and allow developers to make the required applications. As Artificial Intelligence grows further, Python will be one of the dominant programming languages in this decade.

Python is used in Automation

In the past three decades, the world has significantly progressed in terms of automation. Whether it is in terms of software or hardware, today, we have multiple tools and scripts that help complete tasks at a much quicker pace. Python is one of the easiest languages to write automation scripts and execute them.

Unlike Java, you don't need to write a hefty code and set up an entire project. Python does the same task much faster while reducing the risk of human error.

Python’s Ecosystem is Expanding

When a new enterprise enters the market, it takes baby steps in terms of tech advancement. Today, Python has emerged as the connecting language for all sorts of applications or web development tasks.

When working with this dynamic programming language, one doesn’t require any major infrastructure or investments. Instead, most tasks can be completed simply on a home device if you hire python app developers.

Python's Growing Impact on Academics

Today, coding is no longer considered a professional aspect. Most schools already include the basics of programming language in the senior secondary syllabus. One of the top languages taught to students is Python.

Given its versatility and object-oriented capabilities, Python allows students to be creative and work on different projects at a beginner level. Now, we can expect more students to pick this programming language and switch to a professional line.

Multipurpose Language

Python can also be compared to a swiss knife of all programming languages. Unlike Java or R, you can use it to design websites, create mobile applications, and even train machine learning models.

With such flexibility and ease of use, it is evident that most organizations prefer to hire python app developers.


There are over 700 programming languages in the world. However, not all of them are meant to be used for app development or web designing. Some languages are restricted to theoretical programs, while some are solely used for data manipulation and visualization.

Python is one such dynamic language that isn't limited to any specific task and can be used for various purposes. It has no licensing fees and can be openly used by any beginner to get familiar with coding concepts. As such, it is only inevitable that the popularity of Python will increase in the upcoming years.

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