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Weekly Update of Me: Week 2 (What I've learned, what did I do and the links I've found)

Hi everybody! I've started to share weekly updates of me. You can find following topics inside:

  • What did I learn previous week?
  • What did I do during the week?
  • Links that I've found useful

You can also reach that contents on my website

You can also check the first week using following link:

Enjoy 🥳

What I've learned previous week?

Browserlist on package.json

My friend has realized that one of the website he built was not working well on Safari 12.
He had used Tailwindcss 3 to style the website and Tailwindcss3 targets to Safari 14+.

So I was looking for a solution to help him and I found of course 😬
The solution was adding "browserlists" into the package.json. Honestly I did not expect it to works
but it did 🥳😅

// package.json

  "browserslist": {
    "production": [
      "not dead",
      "not op_mini all",
      "last 3 safari version" // <-- this is the solution
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Manipulate fetched data in react-query

We use react-query most of our projects in Swiftmade. I was looking for a way to manipulate the data already fetched
without refetch. I've found this solution:

const queryClient = useQueryClient();
const data = {...};
queryClient.setQueryData('query-key-here', data);
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What did I do during previous week?

  • I was working on the projects in Swiftmade. We've completed redesigning of Wrkland's website. It's not released yet 😬
    I'm looking forward to share it here when it's released. 🥳 We had built a booking system for them last year. You can check it out for now

  • Apart from my daily tasks, I've built a side project in a day 😅
    I was using a service to share my all links in a single page. But it's gone I don't understand why 🥺
    Then I've decided to built a simple one instead. 🥳

  • I've published a new programming tutorial for my Turkish audience (Let's build a Twitter Clone 👀)


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