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What a Java programmer should learn to work in Canada? Is it a good lenguage to get a job?

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Well, I'm Brazilian, Java developer. I have only 2 ½ years of experience, but because of political and economic problems I would like to migrate to Vancouver, Canada.

Is there a Java developer working in Canada who can give me some tips on what to study to increase my chances of getting a job in Vancouver?

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I think Java is pretty popular anywhere but it wouldn't hurt to pick up another tool just in case. JavaScript is everywhere these days so investing a bit of time in that area would help.

I'd suggest trying to make contacts as soon as possible. I'm sure there are plenty of tech recruiters in Vancouver who would work with you. Canvasing LinkedIn for recruiters (and potentially companies themselves) and sending them an email like:

Hey I'm planning to move to Vancouver soon and am looking to line up a software development job when I get there. I'm a Java developer and I'm interested in x kind of work.

Even if you are feeling a bit unsure of yourself, just act confident as if you just expect there to be some good jobs for you. If you project confidence, the recruiters or companies will be interested in working with you.


I don't know about Canada, but I recently read this story from another Brazilian developer who wanted to move to Canada but ended up moving to Portugal: (I recently moved here as well, from another area and for other reasons obviously, but the experience is much the same).


It is easier for brazilians to get Portuguese visa. We were a Portugal colony so there are a lot of people with portugueses in the family and we have almost the same language.


If you don't know yet, there is a startup called Vanhack that help people to get a job abroad. I got a job with their help as well, they are amazing.

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