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Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

It is important to start building projects while learning programming because you would not be able to absorb the concepts you learn until you apply them to make various projects. Application of concepts you learn is very important. And the best part is you will really enjoy the process of building a project.

Below I will mention some project ideas for those who are learning web development.

Notes App:
Create a web app in which users can add and store their notes. This is an excellent project for beginners. The User should be able to Create, Read, Update and Delete the notes. This is an excellent project to learn CRUD operations.

To-do List:
Make a to-do list app in which the user can add daily tasks to be accomplished. User should be able to add a new item to the list. User should be able to mark a task in the list as ‘completed’. The completed tasks can appear under a separate category for more organized layout. Users should be able to edit or delete a task from a list.

To-do List (Advanced):
After you have made a basic app, try adding the following features to take it up to the next level. Display date and time of when a particular task item was added to the to-do list. Use local storage so that when the user closes the browser window the data is stored and when the user opens the app again the data can be retrieved.

Build your own Portfolio Website:
This is the project almost every web developer must have come across in their career. It is a great way to show off your skills, projects and strengths through your own portfolio website.

Directory Service app:
Such as maybe a movie app or tv show listing to show you can store data in an array, or object or database. Being able to sort and search and filter through this data later is just as important.

Quiz App:
This one is my personal favourite. Build a quiz app in which the user can choose one out of four options for a question. At the end display the result. Use JavaScript for this project. Through this project, you will learn about DOM manipulation and data management.

You can refer to YouTube for tutorials if you ever get stuck somewhere. Happy Coding!!

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Thanks for the ideas ;).
If you're looking for projects with cool designs and user's stories to fulfill I can't recommend enough this website:

I should precise that it's free.

I just finished the Thullo Challenge and learned a lot! ;)

Happy coding ;)