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Access your code answers without Faster. #Grepper

shahinalam02 profile image Shahin Alam Updated on ・2 min read

So, you're a Programmer. You code along. When you face a problem, you first do a google search right, but sometimes we can't find the proper solution or take so much time to find the right solution.
Glad we got DRY out the way. How many times will we hear that? Take this same analogy and shift it to a roadblock scenario. I recycle functions, methods, algorithms often in my application but find myself always puzzled when trying to implement the code. My google history can attest to it. Whether it is going to a stack overflow link, MDN link, React docs or a Medium post a colleague wrote on my struggle, it takes time away from coding the logic.
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Here I introduce, Grepper. Grepper is a google chrome extension created to make programmers' life a bit easier when searching for code snippets. Once installed, when you google search a problem, “javascript loop through an object” in my example, Grepper will populate snippets of codes most related to your search. It will return two snippets with the option to view more before the listed websites.
Grepper answer will show up at the top, as you can see.
Grepper is new to our community and allows you to publish your own snippets so others might use them. For example, when I google “python merge two sorted arrays,” no code snippet appears but a box that allows me to input the code snippet.
You can also save code by clicking the right site of the grepper icon.
After successfully saving, if you refresh or search again, you can see your code snippet with the option to view your Grepper profile. Here, you can add/edit/delete your snippets as you please. You have the option to make your account private or public as well.

Now, Why you should use Grepper
=> Develop Faster
=> Learn & constantly improve your coding skills
=> Grow your Career
=> Innovate, Earn & Lead the way

Here is the link for more info on Grepper

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