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Learn Python In 7days Complete Guidelines Zero to Hero

shahinalam02 profile image Shahin Alam Updated on ・2 min read

Hey developers,
Today I’m giving you complete guidelines to become a junior of python.
Trust me, it’s super easy and very simple steps just follow my steps, and you become a junior developer of python. On the 7th day, we will build some awesome projects.

First of all, I need confirmation that you can spend 5--6 hours daily for 7days, you will become a Junior Python Developer.
If you are super lazy or do not have the patient to spend 5--6 hours daily, my suggestion to you, my friend, please ignore this.
Now let’s jump to day 1

Day-1: 4 basic concepts (5 hours)

=>Python Print() Function

Day-2: 5 basic concepts (5 hours)

=>For Loop
=>While Loop
=>Import Modules

Day-3: Simple coding problems (6 hours)

=>Swap Two Variables
=>Convert miles to kilometers
=>Reverse a string (Check palindrome)
=>Calculate simple interest
=>Calculate GCD
=>Find the largest number in a list
=>Check a number is a prime number or not
=>Merge two sorted Array
=>Sum of all digits in a number
=>Calculate age
=>Build a simple calculator
=>Number guessing game

Day-4: Data Structures (6 hours)

=>Stack (LIFO)
=>Queue (FIFO)
=>Linked List

Day-5: Python OOP (6 hours)

=>Method and constructor
=>OOP- Inheritance

IF you have more time to learn all about the oop of python then you can learn

=>OOP- Encapsulation
=>OOP- Abstraction
=>OOP- Polymorphism**

Day-6: Algorithm (... hours)

=>Search (Linear and Binary search)
=>Sort (Bubble sort, Selection Sort)
=>Recursive function (factorial, Fibonacci series)
=>Time Complexity (Linear, Quadratic, and Constant)

Day-7: Project (6 hours)

=>1.Build a web crawler
=>or a news aggregator
=>or a simple game using pygame

Remember one thing if your sincerity follows my steps, then on the 7th day, you become a Junior python developer.

Discussion (2)

sandy596006 profile image
Sandeep Vura ☄️💫

How do you teach us?

shahinalam02 profile image
Shahin Alam Author

I can only give you guidelines, cann't teach bro.

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