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Animation effects while typing in Vscode :)

Vscode is an amazing IDE because the way we come across through new extensions in Vscode it strongly impacts on our Productivity.

In this Post I came across through marvelous animation effect while typing in Vscode which literally looks like Pro 😎.

Power Mode

  • Search for Power Mode in Extensions Power Mode
  • After installation you need to enable that extension in your Vscode Settings. [Shortcut: Ctrl + ,]
  • Search for Powermode and just enable Power Mode Enable Power Mode
  • Just Disable "Enable Shake" because Vscode Screen literally shakes while you are typing which sounds discomfort to me.
  • Select Preset[Animation] type. I personally ❤️ Particles because it's minimal and satisfying. Presets Note: If your Laptop has low Configurations I wouldn't suggest it to install because you may see little bit Lag while coding.

Bonus Point:

Install Dracula Official Extension and activate Dracula Theme your Vscode will look damn Gorgeous and will impact on your Productivity because I personally love to code in such environment and it's not compulsory. I am just sharing my Opinion with you Guys😅

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That's all for this Post Guys🙌. See you soon👋

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Joe Maffei

That's a no from me, dawg.