Is Azure or AWS certifications are good for developers ?

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Hi all 😊, I recently came to know about two certifications which might be good for web application developers.

👉 Azure - AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
👉 AWS - AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Benefits of getting certified:

👉 Proves your commitment to upgrade your skills.
👉 Gives credibility for responsibilities, larger projects and high salary.
👉 Increases chances for companies to get new customers.

Below are few questions to discuss 👇

Is Azure or AWS Certifications good for developers ❓

Is certified developers are really skilled developers ❓

Which certification do you recommend in 2020 ❓

What are the pros and cons ❓

What do you think ❓


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I am a Full stack .NET Developer, I like to work with C#, Asp.Net Core, SQL, Mongo DB, Azure, JavaScript... Always eager to learn new technologies. I am here to share, ask & eventually learn.


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@softchris , Can you answer above questions. Also What do you think AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Vs Kubernetes Certification ? Suppose I do AZ-203 will that cover Kubernetes ? Or should I do Kubernetes Certification separately ?


Certifications are interesting.. In my pro dev career I've rarely needed them but I guess to be able to break into a new profession, example dev turned devops is good. Ask yourself this, will you actively use the thing you are certifying on? Nothing beats actual practice of it. as for az-203, it doesn't look like it's covering K8s. II'm asking internally. What are you most interested in, Apps Development or more DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes etc? UPDATE, colleagues says anything on 3xx track should include it. Containers, K8s etc are ways to architect


Thanks for the info 👍, I am interested in Web Application development, As a .NET developer I think AZ-203 adds value to my stack. But I want to do Kubernetes certification not to become DevOps specialist but to learn about it. Because using Kubernetes we can deploy highly scalable apps also it can cut my cloud billing as its cost efficient, thus it can give value to clients. Also you know some Job description today asks to have Full Stack skills like having docker, Kubernetes knowledge as a plus. What you think ? By the way what do you mean by 3xx track , a redirection track ?

haha no our architect track has exam numbers az300 something, e.g az302 for example.. Do what's right for your current tech stack.. There are many ways to run containers on Azure like ACI, Web App with Container template etc... See if you can build services using Docker... As for Kubernetes, certification is definitely one way to learn. There are some excellent courses on Pluralsight by Dan Wahlin on Kubernetes, gives you a really good understanding of it. I would recommend certs if you are going to work with it and want to learn..

if you are looking to get real deep in Kubernetes my colleagues recommend these industry exams, training.linuxfoundation.org/certi... and training.linuxfoundation.org/certi...

Is there any use or gain to get certified in both AWS and Azure. ? In a workplace anyway I will use any one cloud computing provider ?