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Shailesh Parmar
Shailesh Parmar

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Memory Game using React.js

Hello Devs,

Today I am writing my 1st post and would like to share a game that I had build using ReactJs from scratch.

  1. At the start of the game, it will ask your name.
  2. Game has 4 different levels easy, medium, hard, and custom.
  3. Goal of the game is to find pair.
  4. It also has a move counter.


suggestion and Improvement ideas are most welcome.

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sojasmine profile image
Sojasmine Gjerstad

Very nice game:). May be you can add some sounds.

alvaromontoro profile image
Alvaro Montoro

Nice game :)

shaileshparmarwebdeveloper profile image
Shailesh Parmar

Thank you!