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Shamima Hossain
Shamima Hossain

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My first interview experience

After almost like months I finally built up courage to apply even though I am too far from being industry fit. I saw a post about a startup who were the only one willing to hire people with almost basic problem solving skills and know about basic coding.Here were my key mistakes:

  1. I had unrealistically high expectations from myself
  2. I got nervous and forgot my basics e.g could not tell the difference between HTML tags and attributes
  3. I proposed an unrealistic salary expectation for an intern
  4. I came off as not confident enough and unprepared even though I literally had no sleep the night before preparing

Lessons learned:

  1. No matter how much you know practice controlling your nerves

  2. Research as much as you can about industry before going for the interview

  3. Have realistic expectations regarding salary

  4. Learn to tackle questions about your lacking and find a way to convince them that you can overcome them.

The interviewers were very helpful and understanding but I could see the disappointment in their body language near the end. I guess this opportunity wasn't meant for me in the end but I am glad had the experience and hope to land my dream job soon.

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Rebecca Hong

Congratulations on your first interview!
Thank you for sharing the lessons you learned.

In all honesty, I'm sure a lot of people forget from time to time what the difference is before an HTML tag and attribute. I know for a fact that when I initially read your post that I didn't know off the top of my head the differences either!

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Shamima Hossain

Thanks a lot Rebecca for the encouraging words