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Github Atom Plugins for Web Developers

Atom by Github is an amazing , powerful and modern text editor when compared to other text editors and the one major reason to support this editor is that Github has got its back !If you are a web developer and looking forward to get your hands dirty in the new editor. Atom is great for learning and takes your productivity to next level but only if you know what features you need in order to so your work. There are thousands of plugins developed by Atom community which really helps in increasing your productivity.These plugins should be on every developer Atom pocket.

  • atom-beautify Atom beautify is a handy tool in order to make your code beautiful on just one tap while coding. It also beautifies the minified files in almost in every language.
  • atom-typecript If you are a lover of typescript and looking to work on other editor than Visual Studio. This plugin fulfills all the required things like real time typescript to javascript conversion.
  • emmet-atom Auto complete is extended by this plugin and provide you many more core features that every web developer needs.
  • highlight-selected Just double click one word and this plugin will highlight all the occurance in whole file. Really helpful
  • atom-jshint Looking forward to validate your javascript while you type ! That's sure for you. Highly Recommended.
  • project-manager Really helpful in order to make your folder as project and open it on just a one click away like Eclipse etc- minimap Really helpful in showing your code preview in right or left bar of the editor. Best working with Highlight Selected
  • atom-sync-settings Using Github Atom for your office and home ! Looking forward to sync your packages across all your devices. This is the best !
  • preview Working on template engine like Jade etc want to look real time preview of HTML or any other language. Here it comes !

These plugins should be installed in your Atom. Believe me it will really enchance your productivity. Comment below if you know other best plugin.

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