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New UI for Covid-19 tracker and PWA support

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COVID19-APPS-SERIES (5 Part Series)

1) πŸ†˜πŸ†˜ NOVEL CORONAVIRUS πŸ†˜πŸ†˜ Daily Reports And World Map 2) New UI for Covid-19 tracker and PWA support 3) GraphQL endpoint for getting stats of COVID19 4) COVID 19 SEARCH ENGINE 5) PWA FOR INDIAN COVID19 HELP AND STATS

I've updated the UI for my Covid-19 tracking and reports app.
Share your reviews.

Link ;


Alt Text


Alt Text


Alt Text

Reports section

Alt Text

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The dougnut chart is displaying deaths and recovered the wrong way round. Deaths show 86036, hoping this isn't the case; and recovered is only 10038


I like the UI, nice. What is it made with (framework)?


Bootstrap 4 with some tweaking and chart js


This is really cool! Is your code open source :) Tech stack would be interesting too!


No not yet open source will do it this evening.
Thanks BTW


Scrolling right around the map won’t show occurrences, but scrolling left will?

Looks great btw, love the overall design and direction. Works nice and fast also.


IDK but the map is working both the ways.

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