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A community driven blog: Full-Stack With Benefits

There are a few words which can describe the feeling of accomplishment caused by placing the cornerstone of one of your products.

My English is awful, so I really don't know any of them.

However, I am excited to share with you the first draft of my community driven blog: Full-Stack with Benefits.

The Name

Well, there is no Rated R background, but it's still worth sharing the story.

Some months ago a new member of the Design Team joined the company I am currently working for. During the introductory round of presentations, someone was trying to explain what I do on a daily basis. We all agreed that full-stack was not enough, so Luke, a coworker of mine, came up with this title: full-stack with benefits.

The history

This is the result of what I started sharing with you here

A few things changed in the meantime.

Since the bureaucracy I was introducing in the process I described in the other article was actually just slowing me down without any concrete benefit, I just decided to shave that off and think about an effective process if and only if I will start having steady collaborators.

The biggest change though has been the branding. As you might have noticed, the blog had to change name and pretty much all the design compared to what you have there, because apparently Coffee Driven Developer was not the most original name in the world. Try googling it to know why...

The future

The Trello board I shared in the other article still holds true and actually hosts almost all the features I want to put into this product, as soon as I have time.

Content-wise, the blog is meant to be a bit wider spectrum compared to my contributions to the Dev community. Most probably I will write about other important things in my life as music, mathematics, travels and Badu, my dog.

By the way, I am already mentioning Badu there. Did you spot her?

Code-wise, the idea is to keep the development of this product open and eventually turn it into a community: you can already contribute to the articles and to the features by submitting a PR here

GitHub logo shikaan /

Community driven blog about tech, music and other boring things

Next thing is the pipeline is writing proper documentation and contributions guideline, but in the meantime you can start digging into it.


You can check out the blog here.

I guess this is it. I just want to thank in advance whomever will be spending some time browsing it and as always feel free to reach out should you have any suggestion.

Until next time!

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Manda Putra

Niceee! Do you open for feedback?

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Manuel Spagnolo

Of course! Here, on twitter on github :D

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Manda Putra • Edited

Your website is superb fast in mobile :D you could maximize your reading on desktop with this guy guide that i found works really well

Thread Thread
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Manuel Spagnolo

I will definitely give it a go (: Thanks!