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Shi Ling
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Nevertheless, Shi Ling Coded

I began/continue to code because...

I'm greedy. :) I was stuck between choosing the pursuit of my love of Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Computers. But seeing how ubiquitous computing was becoming, I learnt to code so that I still have a way to contribute to my other passions.

I recently overcame...

A period. Sometimes I miss having a female colleague to moan about the unfairness of having a period to deal with.

I want to brag about...


I hate testing, it's mind-numbingly boring. What better way to fix my problem than to automate it, with yet another web testing tool.

I'm really proud of myself when my CTO confessed to using UI-licious to automate his Docker container deployments on Rancher on one long lonely night in the office pressing several "Upgrade container" buttons, instead of doing it the proper way via Docker's CLI using bash scripts.

My advice for allies to support women who code is...

A push on the back, and a space to speak and be heard.

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Jess Lee

Ahh haha thanks for sharing!! I know I'm going to get my period on an upcoming work trip and I am dreading it so much!

Also, your CTO using UI-licious is absolutely awesome.