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What You Should Know About The Big Data In Proptech

What You Should Know About The Big Data In Proptech

Prop-tech and Big Data have gone hand-in-hand for several years now. With the boom in the real estate business, Big Data has taken central stage. There are many quality solutions available to brokers, real estate agents and buyers to analyze which property to buy at what point in time.

Whatever your strategy may be, Big Data has the right approach to secure your purchases. There are three main advantages that Big Data offers to the Proptech industry.

Convenience across the board

Big Data offers you convenience like nothing else. There are many advantages to implementing Big Data software in your business. Convenience is the main one. Your team can work faster if you have effective mechanisms set up.

Big Data can supply information and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, which makes it more practical to buy and sell more properties. If you’re interested in the buy-low or redevelopment market, then Big Data can strengthen your gut feeling about these domains.

Transparency in transactions

Big Data makes transactions much more transparent. With companies like Rentberry offering smart contracts, the industry is becoming increasingly transparent. Transparency produces an increase in liquidity and more movement in the market overall. Big Data enables industry players to analyze the overarching trends and clearly see the situation on the market.

You’re going to see the same level of transparency for duplex rentals in Dallas as you would for mansions for purchase in San Antonio. Public records are available for analysis regardless of the state and jurisdiction.

Smaller markets can start to outpace larger ones owing to the interconnectivity that Big Data offers. You can review markets, analyze industries and make a smarter decision when all the information is available at your fingertips.

Efficient management through technology

Management is one of the biggest costs in the real estate business. Proptech has come a long way since its inception a decade ago. Management has become agile, smarter and more enthusiastic about disruptive technologies. Big Data has allowed management to become more efficient.

Whether that be customer data, legal documents, reviewing assets or negotiating rates, management can pull up data from intelligent systems and make rational decisions. It enhances the portfolio in ways that few other software integrations can.

Big Data adds significant value

Ultimately, Big data adds value to your investment. That’s the greatest advantage of implementing it in your business. There is significant data generated about occupants, tenants, agents, and assets. This data can be filtered, sorted and crafted in any way you need.

With the help of Big Data, you’re able to spot new opportunities in the areas that were previously overlooked. This is especially true in redevelopment situations and in cases where you need to profoundly analyze the market.

Smart contracts in 2018-2019

Proptech is seeing a proliferation in smart contracts, as more companies start to utilize the core technology. Smart contracts leverage the blockchain in ways never seen before. This makes the transaction secure, scalable and transparent. It’s one of the premier addition to the Big Data technologies. Big Data analysis of data sets generated by smart contracts benefits real estate industry across the board.

When it comes to buyers and renters, the contracts can be drawn up with standardized procedures making the whole process convenient.


Companies that want to succeed in the real estate space need to understand the importance of Big Data and the overall impact of this technology. There are many advantages to utilizing this technology and creating new lines of business. You can reach out to customers efficiently, manage existing property easily and analyze millions of data points within seconds. This gives you an unimaginably greater return on your investment portfolio.

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