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shirtctl --blog: a series on building a tech tee startup

Hey there and welcome to shirtctl --blog.

This is the very beginning of the official blog of shirtctl! Pronounced “shirt control”, we’re bringing continuous delivery to tech tees. 👕👚

Ok, what in the world are you talking about?

In the world of DevOps, continuous delivery is an approach to building and shipping great software to users at any time, with a focus on reliability. 👨‍💻👩‍💻📦🚢

In the world of tech merch, that means creating and shipping cool t-shirts reliably to fans at any time. 😎

So what is this blog about then?

We’re building shirtctl out in the open!

In this blog we’ll be publishing a series of short posts around all of the product, user, architecture, engineering and design challenges we have. We'll be detailing the options we explore and how we make key decisions, all to show you the steps we take building shirtctl from scratch as a cloud-native data-driven DevSecBizFinOps startup! 🚀

And you can ask us anything along the way! (Just leave a comment.)

Hmm... who are you anyway?

shirtctl began in the warmth of down-under October 2019 by Sydneysiders Blair Hudson and Anthony Wales. Initially one of those this-is-so-crazy-it-just-might-work ideas, we’re combining our experience across Australia’s technology sector to sprint 🏃‍♂️, hack 💻 and ship 📦 our way to tech tee haven. How exciting!

Wait, I’m still confused. What is your product?

How would you like free tech tees delivered to your office every* month?

🤩 Sounds good? We think so too!

(*Assuming we can find something in your size. We think we can!)

You said free?

We’re making it super easy for technology companies to build their brand and connect with the community by harnessing the awesome power of t-shirts. ✨ They provide the goods and cover shipping. You provide your size and office address. shirtctl makes it all happen. Simple!

I love it! Where do I sign up?

While we haven’t launched yet, we plan to start sign-ups for developers working in Sydney very soon. 🥳

In true MVP style, devs will be able to sign-up using our awesome API and the programming language of their choice! Follow our blog ( and keep an eye on for docs to get started.

Once we prioritise it (#agile), we’ll be building out a sign-up form for everyone else to join in on the free tee fun too (including the lazy devs)! 👫👬👭

I want to build my brand, how do I make tees available?

Watch this space. shirtctl is working with a small number of launch partners in Sydney to create a fantastic SX (we coined it, shirt experience is the next big thing). Then we'll open up to all!

If you’re really really interested to be involved early, reach out to us in the comments or using the links to our LinkedIn profiles above (since we haven’t prioritised building a contact form yet...).


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