Hacktoberfest T-shirt mails anyone ?

shivam51 profile image shivam kumar singh ・1 min read

Did anyone receive T-shirt mail from Digital Ocean.
I completed the challenge but didn't get any. My deadline shows 21'st October.
Anyone out there ??


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Tyler V. (he/him)

None of the shirts ship until after the month is over. They'll send an email to get your shipping information at that time πŸ˜„

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shivam kumar singh Author

Thanks ❀️.

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Gabriel Arazas

I contacted the Hacktoberfest team about this.

They will start to email those who completed the challenge starting from 2019-10-21 since they apparently encountered a problem with the supplier which is eventually resolved.
You just have to wait yours.

For references, I was supposed to be emailed about it on October 17th.
I received mine earlier this morning on 2019-10-22.

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shivam kumar singh Author

Yes , even I got it this morning .

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Duc Nguyen

they mailed me to send an email for TShirt around 17th , but I've not received any.

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Palash Bauri πŸ‘»

Nope, Haven't Received yet πŸ˜…

Update : Got This Morning (24 Oct (UTC+0530))

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Dr Rev J Kirchartz

I haven't seen it yet... it said it'd start mailing them around the 17th, but it's the 22nd now... be sure to check your spam folder

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Matthew Francis

Just got my t-shirt email.

shiveshp profile image
Shivesh Pandey

I didn't get it too man. But hope that we get it soon~

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Aman Zishan M.A

I didn't get the mail saying they shipped the item but my friends got