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Best Portfolio For Developers For Getting Hired In Company

Hello Devs, in this post I'm gonna tell you about how to make the best portfolio for developers, that increases your chances for getting hired in a company, Make a best portfolio so that your employer and company is impressed by just seeing your portfolio if your portfolio is looking good and awesome so people think if this person portfolio is this much better and good, so how much better work he can do for us and your portfolio also increases your chances for a high salary and always remember people judge you by your work and your projects, so make the best portfolio for yourself and impress everyone.

I'm gonna tell you some key points in your portfolio that attract everyone.

My Portfolio:-

1) A good website template or theme.

Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 09-34-47 Shivam Rohilla Home

Always choose the best theme, if you are a designer so you can easily make the best theme but if you don't know about designing or HTML, CSS, JS so you can download free templates and design the portfolio and enter your personal information and your skills.

2) Skills

Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 09-36-24 Shivam Rohilla Home

Your skills are the most important things in your portfolio. Show off your skills on your portfolio.

3) Bio/Information

Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 09-36-08 Shivam Rohilla Home

Mention your complete information in the portfolio and your studies or graduation information, so that people know about you.

4) Experience
Mention your personal experience and total experience in the portfolio so that if someone wants to hire you so he knows about you very well.

And the most important thing is your projects.

5) Projects
Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 09-37-36 My Portfolio Projects

Please mention your projects in your portfolio so people can see your projects and that's the main feature that increases your chances of getting hired in the company and also increase your salary.

6) Resume
This is the most important feature in your portfolio, add a PDF file of your resume and create a download link or button in your portfolio so that companies can download your resume and contact you and it increases your chances of getting hired in the company.

Always remember companies just want work from you that's it, so express or show off your work or your skills as much as possible.

Thank You

Shivam Rohilla | Python Developer

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Muhammad Hasnain

Never ever use percentage based skills please. For instance, you claim to know 98% of the CSS but do you really know how flexbox, position and or padding top property works? You'd say yes but chances are that you don't. These concepts, if you study in depth are a little more complex than you can think.

What if I as an interviewer don't want a person who knows only 70%? IE, what are the things that you know or don't know? I may want a guy who knows 95% but can anyone know any technology a 100%? No.

This percentage based skill showoff looks cool and a lot of newbie developers use it but it is a very very bad practice in my opinion. For senior developers with more than a decade of experience, sometimes when they switch a job, companies don't mind if they know the language they are going to work on.

These companies know that senior developers, given some time can learn the language in order to get up and working. I hope you got my point and I hope anyone reading this comment did too.

Your portfolio has some things I really like and some things that need improvement but I appreciate your effort. Keep coding and thank you for sharing your portfolio.

shivamrohilla profile image
Shivam Rohilla

Thank you sir