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Shohei Kameda
Shohei Kameda

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Customize the appearance of your terminal

This article is the 4th day of the Advent Calendar 2021 of Wazaterm, an online Linux terminal for hackers.

It's easy to change the appearance of the terminal in Wazaterm.

After you click the hamburger menu on the top right in the terminal window, the sidebar shows up.


In the sidebar at the bottom, you see the select box. You can select your terminal theme from 250+ themes.

Terminal Option

Also, you can overwrite the color when you change RGB.

Clicking "Save" will save the terminal colors and font size, along with the OS and browser information. And the order in which they are displayed using that information is the below.

def current\_terminal\_option(os, browser)
  self.terminal\_options.find\_by(os: os, browser: browser) ||
  self.terminal\_options.find\_by(os: os) ||
  self.terminal\_options.find\_by(browser: browser) ||
  self.terminal_options.last ||
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It looks for the OS and Browser, and if they are not there, it shows only the OS, and if they are not there, it shows the Browser, and if they are not there, it shows the latest settings, and if they have never been set, it shows the default.

The system is designed for multi-device use, so you can save and recall settings with different font sizes for iPad and desktop.

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