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5 Tools That Saves Development Time

If you want to be a good developer, you should be aware about time. Developers use many time saving methods or tools. In this article I will share 5 tools that will help you in saving development time.


MockFlow is a cloud based mockup design software. Web designers and software developers use this for product design and layout design. You can also say this is a alternative of Figma.

MockFlow provides you easy user interface to design your product. You don't have to spend time in learning this tool like photoshop.

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter is an online JSON validator or formatter tool. You can easily validate your JSON code and also format it. It reduce much time in writing JSON.


FingerprintJS is a very useful Javascript library which is use to implement fingerprint validator in website. You can easily make fingerprint validation in your application with just some line of codes.

CSS Color Picker

CSS Color picker is a chrome extension. This helps in getting color code of any element in browser just clicking the mouse pointer in the element. Using this tools you can get color code of any design.


Flaticon provides you free custom icons that you can use in your website. The icons are very attractive.

These were the 5 time saving development tools. Hope the tools will also help you in saving time.

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tyler36 profile image

Thanks for the article.
It would be helpful to include a link to each tool so people know exactly what version / site you are talking about. 👍

irwandi1980 profile image

and also using chrome addons for web developing is good trick

shoyeb001 profile image
Sk Shoyeb

yes it is.