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5 Websites To Get Free Icons For Web Development

In this article I will discuss about 5 websites to get free icons for web design. Specially Frontend developers need custom and modern icons when they develop a website. So this article will help you in finding icons quickly.


Fontawesome is the world's most popular icon CDN. Most of developers use fontawesome icons. Here you can get free web icons, social media brand icons, icons for logos, vector icons, material icons etc.


Flaticon is my personal favourite resource for downloading modern and custom icons, stickers. Here you can get stickers and icons of all things like vegetables, material icons, web icons, social media icons. These icons make your website more attractive.


Dryicons contains more than 6000 **vector graphics **and icons. These icons are also very colorful. You can use these in UI and UX design and web design.


This is one of the famous resource for icons and design elements download. Here you can get free design elements, photos, graphics, svg, music for your video. I have used this 2 or 3 times before.


Iconfinder is the world largest icon and graphic element marketplace. Many developers don't know about this website. There are free and premium products. You can access over 200,000 icons, illustrations, 3d graphics for free. You can use these elements in your website or UI UX designs.

Hope this article is helpful to you. If yes, I just need a heart on this post. If I am missing any resource for icons tell me in comment box. Thanking you.

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Martin Krause

Hey I love your collection, I made a similarlist a while ago, check them out at. Making beautiful websites: Top 5 FREE icon resources

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I also like
This provide svg icon and svg code and also provide the icon image and it should be free

Image description

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Tobias Nickel

i also like icons

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Dong Nguyen

Thank you. For almost cases, I'd like to use generator such as Fontello or Fontastic to create custom set of icons for particular projects.

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Sk Shoyeb