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3 open source tools to build your apps fast

Under the Hood
I was covering a youtube video for this story so thought of sharing the article on the same. But if you want to watch instead of reading below is the link.

Video link

Open source tool to create your backend services instantly. Firebase provide -

  • Authentication,
  • Storage,
  • Realtime Databases,
  • Analytics,
  • In-app messaging Firebase takes care of your backend infrastructure single handly.


Supabase claims himself as the Firebase alternative. They provide

  • Instant APIs,
  • Authentication,
  • Storage &
  • Realtime subscriptions. Supabase deals with PostgressQL and works with tables instead of NoSQL databases like Firebase


Open source backend servers for web, mobile and flutter developers. App write provides —

  • Authentication,
  • Databases &
  • Storage Appwrite provides all core APIs for your backend services to build applications fast.

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