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Interview in Coinbase — Part 1

My experience of the technical interview in Coinbase.

Under the Hood
The day before yesterday at the time of writing this story, I gave an interview in coinbase. In today’s story, I will cover the questions and experiences for the same. Coinbase is hiring for multiple across 100 countries remotely. They offer a fixed compensation package for every role and don’t really believe in negotiating. I was reached by one of their HR last year but I was not looking for any such opportunity so I refused to go for it.

But since now I am looking for a new remote opportunity in web3/web2 I thought of giving it a try in coinbase.

Interview Process
For your kind of information, I have cleared the first round and from tomorrow onwards I will commence the next 3 remaining rounds. Coinbase has an average of 4/5 rounds of interviews.

  • Technical round I —
  • Pair programming round 1
  • Pair programming round II
  • System Design
  • Engineering Manager interview These are the typical rounds of interviews for coinbase. But depending on the roles they might change a few rounds in between.

First-round experience
Well, my first round was quite easy and luckily I’ve answered all the questions correctly. I’ve been given a UI to develop followed by multiple questions about the UI and code. I am adding the code sandbox of what I’ve been asked to develop. And the following questions asked revolved around this UI only.

Question asked in first interview

Questions asked
The first step is to develop the using any framework or language.
Style the UI exactly like the expected one including CSS
How I can make reusable components in the codebase
How can I make the code production-based considering the performance and so?
I’ve summarised the questions in 4 big questions but there was a total of 12 to 15 questions I’ve been asked. Since it was the first round so questions asked were not too tough.

Next rounds
Tomorrow I have the next remaining rounds, I am expecting more tough questions in the same, questions on debugging existing react code base, optimising the code base for production-based. It's a pair programming round so I won’t feel that questions on architecture and state management will be asked it will be more often on solving the issue found in other codebases.

They might want to test debugging skills, variable naming skills, better coding practices and so on and I will anyway share the experience and the questions with you.

For the next rounds, I will share the experience and information via the new story. For that stay tuned and don’t forget to follow and subscribe. Until, next time, have a good day, people.

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Hello, thanks for the thread, what was the question asked in the phone interview?

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shrey vijayvargiya

Glad to hear that and hope it helps