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πŸ˜‘ Mistakes I made when I started with Angular (Applies to any web framework)

These are things you should consider when you are starting with JS frameworks.

1. Thinking in components

The urge to quickly develop something when you are starting new should be controlled. The smallest things such as Button , Input Field even a Heading tag, make it as component.

Why though ?

  • Whenever there is a button you will always use this component and this will help maintain the button through out the pages consistent.
  • A single change in this button component will always update everywhere its used.

The ultimate aim of the components is to break down web pages in to very small pieces of code to improve readability and make it more consistent

In the start you may hesitate to create simple components such as Heading , Labels. But trust me when the website grows and when you had to change one small thing, This comes so much easy.

2. Lazy Loading Routes

Instead of loading everything at the start break your pages in to small modules and only load them when the route is activated. Its not that tough in angular as you think it is.

Learn more on Lazy Loading

3. Usage of Types

Angular uses typescript by default but not react/next. But you can easily add types on those with the create-react-app with typescript.

Don't make anything as any unless you were testing its working or not. Types comes a long way to improve code and the habit of ctrl + space for those suggestions drastically reduce your development time and null checks are needed , we can easily forgot a null check when using javascript.

4. Angular + CSS

For beginners and the one who mostly works in a company will always have css frameworks such as Angular Material / Bootstrap / PrimeNg.

Customizing Bootstrap and Angular Material are really a headache. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't, trying to understand that itself will cost lot of productivity.

So look out on that , the solution that worked for me when using bootstrap/Material is I will always wrap that code/component in my own small component, write custom css classes and use this everywhere.

5. Usage of rxjs

You don't need it when you are starting , but at some point of time you need to learn this for the betterment of the website. There is no escape. ( I have been working 1+ Year on angular , I still don't know rxjs I will be starting soon )

πŸ“ Bookmark this if you are going to start with angular.

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Peace πŸ•Š !

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alexandervladimirov9090 profile image
Alexander Vladimirov

This article can be used as a starting point for an Entry Level Angular Developers.
I agree on the concepts that are presented here.

shrihari profile image
Shrihari Mohan

Yes , it was aimed for developers who are just starting.