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Making ISS 🛰️ tracker using Leaflet and Svelte V2

A few months ago I made an ISS tracker and it had too many lines of code although easy it wasn't beginner-friendly so a month ago I started to work on making a user-friendly svelte wrapper for leafletjs which reduces the complexity drastically! check out the demo here

Quick start guide

Install via npm i npm i @anoram/leaflet-svelte.

import Map from '@anoram/leaflet-svelte'
let options={
  center: [13,80],
  markers: [
      lat: 13,
      lng: 80
  mapID: "map"
  .map {
    height: 600px;
    width: auto;
<div class="map">
  <Map {options} />
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Svelte REPL:

An updated version of ISS Tracker

Repo here


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