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Laravel Livewire Turbolinks with Image lazyload

I am building a website on laravel livewire. I've impimented turbolinks and to speed up the website, I am trying Vanilla LazyLoad everything is working fine until I switch pages using links.

Website is working like a SPA as expected, but when I switch page from home to any other page of same website and back to home, I ends up with dummy low quality image which is switched by lazyload on page load. I mean, when the page loaded or refreshed, I'll see dummy low quality images, which then switched to original images, but when I visit link using turbolinks images do not switch.

Anyone has any idea on this? Or any other suggestion to lazyload image in livewire turbolinks.


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Got the solution, any one in future browses this posts. Please re-init your js on turbolink:load