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JMQT (JSON Message Queuing and Transfer) - a new IoT and messaging protocol

Dear fellow developers,

After using MQTT in many of my IoT projects in last few years, I have realized that there is a huge learning curve for the beginners to understand and implement MQTT in their projects. MQTT has a complex packet structure and customizing the open source MQTT brokers for a specific need is also difficult for the beginners, and sometimes even for the experts.

I have developed an IoT and messaging protocol called JMQT (JSON Message Queuing and Transfer), which minimizes the learning curve for the developers and can speed up the development cycle. The key features of this protocol goes as follows :

  1. It is JSON based and much less complex than the available IoT protocols (such as MQTT). JSON is natively supported on most of the major programming and scripting languages.
  2. JMQT has modernized the authentication system using Authentication Token on the contrary to the other IoT protocols (like MQTT) which use conventional user id and password.
  3. JMQT is perfect for the beginners to understand the basics of pub-sub protocols.
  4. JMQT can easily be expanded and customized. Adding a new parameter to a JMQT packet is pretty easy as it uses JSON.
  5. JMQT has Point to Point messaging support. This allows the programmers to develop robust solutions (for example, IoT or messenger applications) which needs point to point communication between the clients.

I have also developed an open source project which implements the JMQT protocol. This project includes a python Socket & WebSocket server with SSL support, a python load balancer, a python client and a Javascript client. The initial code is ready, tested and released.

To know more about JMQT, please visit JMQT open source project can be found at

If you get interest in JMQT and in its open source implementation, please let me know. Collaborators are welcome. For any query, you can comment in this post or directly message me.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long post. Happy programming!

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