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9 Best programming project ideas for beginners to level up their coding skills

It is a high time to challenge your skills and take a step forward towards your goal to become a qualified programmer. Mentioned below are some of the popular projects you can choose from in order to garnish your portfolio with:

  1. Chess Game
    Isn't it astonishing to build your own chess game and play? You may begin to design a chess board and it’s pieces with impressive graphics that you would prefer among available chess games. This project will make you brainstorm learned concepts in order to create algorithms, and decide how to make the application work fluently. Do not sit relaxed, it's time to flaunt your programming skills through your game.

  2. Mobile App
    A mobile app will ask you to use programming languages like HTML and CSS, in order to design outstanding layouts for Android and iOS devices. Apart from coding skills, this project will provide assistance to create customised interfaces that are mobile-device friendly as well. Through this project you will be exposed to limitless designs that can be created using CSS and you will end up improving CSS language skills into the bargain.

  3. Calculator
    A calculator is a well-known tool in the world, therefore, you must go through available calculators and design the most appropriate and an error-free calculator. This project will offer tremendous opportunities to practice creating multiple layouts, logics that reads symbols and provides desired output immediately, and visually appealing graphics. To design this application, JavaScript is considered an excellent approach to pair with HTML and CSS.

  4. To-Do List
    A to-do list will assist you with the appropriate usage of buttons, animation, user interaction and events while creating a simple UI. This is an impressive project that can be added into your portfolio to show-off your programming skills in front of the recruiters.

  5. Weight converter
    A weight converter will ask you to incorporate multiple units and their conversion methods. You only need to act creatively and implement features, which lack in other weight converters. This one is quite similar to creating a to-do list and can be created by using programming languages like HTML and JavaScript.

  6. Rock-Paper-Scissors game
    One of the most popular games among the kids is 'A rock, paper, scissor game' that may turn out as a brilliant idea to challenge your programming skills at present. Apart from designing the game, you need to create the logical robot that will be playing against the user in an interesting manner. Moreover, with good coding practice you may learn to formulate a multiple range of graphics.

  7. Tic Tac Toe Game
    Yes, you can build Tic Tac Toe, another prevalent game among kids, where a square of 9 boxes appears on the screen and whosoever first introduces an unbroken vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is considered a victor. Python’s pygame library will help you with required graphics and audios.

  8. Basic HTML5 Website
    This project is a collection of multiple concepts including design principles, file linking, web hosting, and coding logic. To accomplish an ultimate goal of becoming a web developer, understanding towards HTML and CSS websites is a necessity and therefore, calling this project a golden opportunity will not be wrong.

  9. JavaScript Slideshow
    This one is a suggestion that should be appraised for sure, as you will be exposed to the basics of Document Object Model (DOM) in the browser to give a dynamic nature to your website. Besides, this one can be used repetitively and a web developer is incomplete without the logic of creating a simple JavaScript slideshow.

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Michel Betancourt

do this challenges if you uses typescript

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I have covered most of these project ideas on my GitHub including programming skills like javascript, python, and android apps using java. And this has filled my Project list in a positive way.

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Dr Abstract

I would add - for visual learners... try the Canvas. We have series here - it is great for left and right brained learners. Cheers and thanks for the tips!