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Discussion: How would you go about testing a bot which plays a game?

Suppose you made a game playing bot (like stockfish for example). How would you check if the bot is good enough?

As you might have guessed, I was planning creating a bot so I thought I would put this question here. Maybe that bot will get it's own article.

PS: this is my first post!!

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Here's a few ideas I thought about, along with some cons:

  • Pit it against another good bot (or keep a whole tournament)
    • What if there is no other bot?
    • What if the so-called good bot isn't good because it was not checked properly?
  • Pit it against people
    • What if the people are so bad that the bot always wins?
    • How do you get thousands of people to play with your bot?

You could find other ways, these were my first thoughts.