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What Makes a Good Cyber Security Posture Management Vendor?

Cybersecurity posture management is a facet of information technology that protects sensitive information against cyber criminals. This may include safeguarding an organization’s information system and computer networks from security risks, attacks, threats, intrusions, or other data breaches. With the growing sophistication of cyberattacks, firewalls, and anti-viruses are not enough anymore. There is a need for more robust protection through the help of a good cyber security posture management vendor.

Some General Statistics on Cyber Crimes Since the Pandemic:

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Based on those statistics, there is a need to have a good cybersecurity posture management vendor to protect ourselves and our businesses online. That said, given the abundance of cybersecurity vendors, it may take time to choose the best one. As such, this article can help you find the best possible vendor for your needs.

Features of a Good Cyber Security Posture Management Vendor

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1) Good Scalability of Solutions
The security vendor you choose should be able to keep pace with the growth of your organisation while staying well ahead of any possible threat. As such, as you add new endpoints, expand your network, or integrate additional operational tools and technologies, their products and services will not be rendered obsolete. A good vendor should be committed to developing and releasing new functions and features that combat emerging threats while being flexible enough to adapt to their client's needs.

2) Customisable Protection
The vendor should be able to tailor their offerings based on your organisation's needs. Given the rapid evolution of cybercrimes, a 'one size fits all' protection from a vendor would be insufficient. Likewise, each organisation and needs are different. Some would need overall cybersecurity protection, while others only require an add-on to existing services.
A good vendor should be able to customize their services based on the customer's needs. While an out-of-the-box product can provide a certain level of protection, having the ability to customise through modular add-ons can give the best level of protection your business would need.

3) Experienced Cybersecurity Experts
The security team should be experienced in understanding how threats work, knowing how to spot them, and knowing how to prevent them. At its core, cybersecurity is about knowledge. As such, a good vendor should have experienced cybersecurity experts that use data-driven defences such as Big Data collection or artificial intelligence.

4) Holistic Approach to Security
With the level of sophistication shown by cybercriminals, protection should also be adequate in response. As such, they should be able to defend every aspect of your IT infrastructure. While phishing, ransomware, and DDoS have overlapping techniques for executing, a good vendor should have a high level of protection against each one of those possible threats. This entails 24/7, 365 days of end-to-end monitoring, detecting, and responding to threats. As such, a good vendor has a holistic approach to your security.

5) Cybersecurity Experts Are Always Accessible
Since cyberattacks are unforecastable, cybersecurity vendors should have tangible and intangible resources to respond to such attacks 24/7. This means that the vendor should have an established protocol that can guarantee that you are protected no matter what.

6) Price of Protection is Cost-Efficient
Since damages from cyberattacks can be expensive, you must be assured that your vendor can protect your organisation against such attacks. As such, a good vendor can provide you with a wide range of services and solutions to mitigate damaging cyberattacks at a competitive price. The perceived value of the product should equal its cost.

Final Thoughts
With the uptick of cybercrimes, organizations need to have a chance to protect themselves. With the help of a good cyber security posture management vendor, not only will they have the best possible protection from threats and attacks, but they will also have a good picture of the organization's security posture.

This is where we at Cyber Sierra come in. Since we know that cyber risks are a significant business concern, we have created an intelligent platform that helps secure businesses from threats. A few capabilities of our platform include periodic scans to proactively identify and fix issues, develop infuse policies to bolster organizational preparedness, run counter-phishing campaigns to prepare your team from phishing attacks, and detect any cloud misconfigurations. Essentially, with our highly skilled experts, you are assured that all your protection needs will be met.

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