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Silvia España Gil
Silvia España Gil

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3 reasons why you should not give up - and one for doing it

Hola Mundo!

If you don't feel like reading too much but you're kinda curious about my series "Jr. dev do not give up", you have come to the right place ✨​. Here I just want to make a quick sum up of why you should not give up🙅‍♀️​​.

Obviously this is my take, but if you think there are more reasons, please, pretty please, share them with us in the comments below 💬​👇🏽 so we can keep supporting each other in our development path.

You have nothing to lose

Maybe you are thinking...hmmm yes I have! BUT you don't. You already have a "nope" 🙅.

You already have a "nope" for that job application, you already have a "nope" for that talk in a conf, you already have a "nope" for that update, and you already have a "nope" on knowing how to do something.

So, there are only two things that might happen, one of them is to keep having a no, because let's face it not always we get a yes. In this scenario, nothing changes.

But then ​✨​you COULD have that yes✨​ And this yes can only happen if you didn't give up. So please remember, you already have the no, so try to grab the yes!

There are a lot of opportunities ahead, go for them with the best of the attitudes 🚀 and find the one with your name in it.

The learnings

In order to keep growing as a developer we need to learn, and learning is a tricky path. Is complicated, is frustrating and have more ups and downs than a rollercoaster 🎢​.

If you give up, you are not going to improve. We need to hit that wall 🤯​ where we feel that we don't know something just to keep digging and finding solutions, and it is there when we are learning 🧠​.

Everytime we face a challenge, we learn. And the best of all is that we not only learn about coding, or about a language, we also learn and grow as persons✨​. Remember that all the situations, good ones and not that good ones, are learning possibilities 💫.

Every-single-time that you don't give up, you are growing as a dev but you're 🌱​growing as a human being 🌱​ that sorts difficult times and take value from that.

The ultimate goal

Focus on the goal 🎯​. Everytime you are about to give up remember yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

If you give up now, there's no way you can achieve what you want. So keep your eyes on the price 🏆​👀 and push one more time.

Giving up leads to the most awful phrase in the world "What if...?" so, instead of asking yourself in two years "What if...?" 😥​ say to yourself "I can...".

Because really, 💪YOU CAN!💪

Also, remember you are not alone, ask for help, talk to your mentor, speak with other fellow juniors 💬. We've all felt like giving up, so we can support you, we can hear you. You, are not alone. So ping someone that can lend you a hand a walk the road with them 🛣️.

Remember today is only a brick but you, you are building a skyscraper so, put that brick down, and keep working toward your goal.

Please give up

If you are not happy, if this is not your path, if your goals have changed. Please give up 🙏.

There's no shame in doing so and in this case, giving up on this certain thing is a way of not giving up in life. And I know that sometimes giving up is as hard as not doing it, but take my previous point and ask yourself what's your goal 🎯.

So take this post full of totally subjective advice, only if it helps you move forward what you want 🫶🏻​.

What other reasons you think are good enough for not giving up (or doing it!)?. Share them and let's talk about this. This post is part of the "Jr. Dev: Do not give up" series, check it out 💪🏽.

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Jeremy Friesen

If you are not happy, if this is not your path, if your goals have changed. Please give up.

I want to add a bit to this.

I was a mentor for a bootcamp and one of my mentees was moving from videography into coding. They absolutely had the skills to do server-side work. But they didn't enjoy it. We'd talk, and it was evident that they loved putting forward time in the CSS and HTML as well as crafting rather stunning designs.

The problem…this was a coding bootcamp, with a focus on full-stack. Over the course of three sessions, we had great conversations where I was asking questions and stating observations.

So, if you are thinking of giving up, find a good active listener. Maybe someone who doesn't have a vested interest in your career trajectory, and see if you can buy them a coffee and have a conversation about your current state. Hopefully you have a mentor. If not, perhaps someone from your previous career path. A friend.

Working out what isn't helping you move to your area of genius is a good move. As is interrogating what it is about your current path that isn't moving you there.

silviaespanagil profile image
Silvia España Gil

Yes, yes, yes! First of all Jeremy, as a mentee I appreciate that you are a mentor.

Second, thank you very much for adding this, and sharing because I think that is an amazing advice!

Sometimes it is scary because we feel judged and sometimes is so hard to find our own path. Your advice is amazing because yes, finding someone to talk is really important and could change things so much. Sometimes giving up in a certain path is a way to actually not give up in ourselves and what make us happy.

rociogonzalezt9 profile image

I feel motivated after reading it, thanks for writing it and for not giving up on what you do. Greetings.

yongchanghe profile image
Yongchang He

Thank you for the motivation!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden • Edited

Great motivational speech!