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To Cloud or not to Cloud

Hi fan of Shakespeare !
Thank you for your support on my last blog post:

Last year, I work with the Cloud a major parts of my time.
Aws, Digital Ocean, Azure etc...

Each time, I realize that the cloud should only be used in one situation, if you need a temporary machine to perform certain tasks. But are overall less economical than its physical competitors, that's for me asking the question:

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

Benefits of the cloud

  • Not to be engaged with an instance
  • The cost of use (which is also a weak point, we see that later)
  • Variable power at will
  • The speed of provisioning
  • The number of suitable CLI tools

The Benefits of Physics

  • Low cost ???

Oh wait!
I have no other argument in favor of the physical

Disadvantage of the cloud

  • At some suppliers, cost surprises
  • Technical skills inevitable

Disadvantage from the physical

  • Commitment (often monthly)
  • Provisioning time
  • Redundancy not always "native"
  • Instance not really flexible

So !

This does not necessarily mean that the physical is a bad option, moreover in most cases I will advise to go for the physical for your companies. Or if you don't have any linux server skills, you can use SAAS services (Vercel, Heroku, Netlify ... etc)

If you have arguments to reinforce or counter what I'm saying, don't hesitate to tell me about it in the comments!

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