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Bringing AI and machine learning to SEC filings

In this post I want to briefly introduce a cool website I ran into recently: AlphaResearch. They incorporate AI and advanced NLP techniques to help users search through SEC filing such as 10K, 10Q with ease. They are powered by Finnhub Stock API so they have access to millions of filings, reports, news and articles.

Here are some examples:

Besides AI, they and another website I have been using are both great for value investing. They both provide pre-computed intrinsic value for stocks globally using DCF and WACC. That is why they are both selected as the best stock research websites by the finance community at Columbia University.

In case you are interested, I am currently keeping track my stock options and investments in Excel. Finsheet has been a great tool to get Excel stock price and stock price Google Sheets. I found them via this guide, which includes many options to get Excel stock price and stock price Google Sheets

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