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Productivity Boosters: tools of my choice

To make life a little more meaningful and get more out of it I use many tools, technology, and apps in the day to day life. I call them as my productivity helpers and here are a list (in no specific order) of my choice for mobile apps, tools for Desktop, Laptop or MacBook those help me in increasing my productivity.


I follow the Pomodoro technique and have purchased an android app and using the online Pomodoro-tracker as well. Pomodoro is an effective yet simple technique and it makes you aware of the quality time you spent.

Pomodoro Technique® and Pomodoro® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo.

Do more and have fun with time management. ~ Francesco Cirillo.


This tool helps me to search code from many GitHub organization and open source library. This makes me aware of the way people are writing code. Most of the time I get the right suggestion I need and with lots of examples. The team there called this tool as a*AI Pair Programmer*.

Grammarly helps me in correcting grammatical mistakes everywhere when I start writing. Also, it notifies and helps is correcting the spelling.

This tool has changed my way of taking big notes. Now 80% of my notes are with Freemind. Also, I save them in online drives so that I can access them anywhere. Even I used them to present in my sessions. Whatever training, conferences, and meetings I attend I use FreeMind for sure.

Get FreeMind - free mind mapping software

Tony Buzan | Learn from the Inventor of Mind Mapping

FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java. Do you want to prioritize, know where you are, where you've been and where you are heading, as Stephen Covey would advise you?


Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. I have been using google keep for years and happy with the tiny note taking app. I use it almost every day and keep writing stuff in the mobile and track them in PC or MacBook.


Most of the time we forget What tasks are there for the day, so a TO-DO list comes for rescue.

Flask IO is a Really simple to-do list you can have.

This is the app that I love to open every day in the morning. A 6 minute of learning with a 5 question test(sometimes), I learn few technologies. This is an awesome place to review your learning and spending 6 minutes per technology is not a big deal. Once you start this, you will get addicted in few days and that's a good addition for sure.


The booklet is a free app for those who wish to read books but don’t get enough time. The motto for this app is To cultivate the habit of reading amongst the youth.

Every week we read a bestselling book and create a Booklet (a book summary), going beyond a book review.


One of the best app that I spent money for. Beautiful animation with the dual mode of learning Algorithm. This app justifies that visual mode of teaching is a great way to learn. Almost all the algorithm and data structure are beautifully animated and presented by the creator.


With 30000 plus books in Safari, you learn the way you learn best. I enjoy my subscription and have unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. I have created the playlist and watch most of the videos every day.

If you love maths, this is one of the right apps for you. Created by an interdisciplinary team, the explanation and examples are really nice.

This is my cheat sheet for all Big(O) solution. This android app will teach you the way you can calculate the time complexity Big(O) with so many examples. All data structures and sorting algorithms include useful links to websites or videos that will help user's gain a deeper understanding of the topic.


One of my most favorite apps. The headphone is free where awesome Stories, Comedy & Podcasts are available for entertainment.

... till next, keep boosting your productivity

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I love Pomodoro Technique as well! Besides, I'd like to recommend project management tool called Quire. It has a friendly UI packed with great features. Definitely boost my productivity.

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Juan Koss

great post! thank's for sharing!

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Manas Ranjan Dash • Edited

Welcome... hope it is useful

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Manas Ranjan Dash

Please update your fav tools and let's help each other...