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Take Control of Your VSCode Workspaces 🛠️

I work on a lot of different projects. You probably do too.

Back in 2018, I created an extension for VSCode to help solve the problem of managing many different projects, using many different workspaces. It's called Workspace Explorer.

Opening a Workspace

Workspace Explorer provides a file-browser-like experience for your workspaces. Some of the things you can do:

  • Workspaces
    • Create Workspaces
    • Delete Workspaces
    • Rename Workspaces
    • Open a Workspace in Another Window
    • Open a Workspace in the Same Window
  • Sub-Folders
    • Organize Workspaces in Sub-folders
    • Delete Sub-folders
    • Rename Sub-Folders
  • Custom Icons
    • Set Custom Icons for Workspaces and Sub-folders

Workspace Explorer 2.0.0

Today I'm releasing version 2.0.0 of Workspace Explorer. This release brings support for jpg icons, environment variables in config paths, and patches several bugs. I've incremented the major version as support for SVG icons has been removed, due to an issue in VSCode.

Icon Format Support

  • svg
  • png
  • jpg (new)

Environment Variable Support



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Workspace Explorer

Workspace Explorer is developed open source on GitHub. Special thanks to all the contributors and issue reporters over the years.

GitHub logo sirfuzzalot / workspace-explorer

VSCode extension. Panel view that allows you to list your collection of workspaces, load them one at a time into the IDE, or open a new window with the selected workspace.

Top comments (3)

goodnessolawoore profile image
Goodness Olawoore

Awesome! Will try this out.

jmanuel56 profile image
Jose Manuel Nerja

Thanks, I didn't know it, I'm going to try it right now.

sirfuzzalot profile image

Awesome! Hope it makes your dev life easier. After you get your workspaces organized the way you want, you'll find the extension fades into the background like it was part of VSCode from the beginning 😃.

Make sure you get the current one 2.0.0. Sadly I lost the account credentials to the first version of the extension, so it's forever stuck on 1.5.0.

Here's the current one: