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[India]Best Newsletters To Subscribe to in 2021

I like learning about startups and finding out what interesting things are happening in the Indian Startup Ecosystem but I don't want to search through different sources as it is too time-consuming.

So, what's the solution? Newsletters

Newsletters are basically Curated content delivered at your door-step or your mail address:-)

There are newsletters for everything startups, finance, cutting-edge technologies, and so on.


Here are a few of my favorite newsletters which you should definitely subscribe to:

  1. Filter Coffee: A daily newsletter for business and technology news. It is run by Tanvi and she is doing great work by consistently delivering great content every day. A sneak peek:


Subscribe here: Link to the newsletter

  1. Keeping Up With India: Very detailed and well-researched articles on the Indian Startup Ecosystem. It is run by @anmolm and @vedicakant.  It is a WhatsApp newsletter delivered straight to your phone

It started as a paid newsletter around Jan or Feb 2020 and I was one of the early subscribers(I paid 150rs) and it's totally worth it. But, starting 2021 it's   Free now.

Subscribe here: Link to the newsletter, Link to WhatsApp group
That's all for today, I'll keep sharing things I find interesting and useful :-)

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