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Rick and Morty Dead or Alive

I made a Rick and Morty dead or alive game using the Rick and Morty API. It uses React with Hooks, and Context for state.
Waste 5 minutes on it and tell me what you think.
Rick and Morty Dead or Alive link

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Samuel Favarin • Edited

Nice! But is easy to "hack" your application! Look at this image.

drarig29 profile image
Corentin Girard

Yes, the check should be server-side

adderalldev profile image

I was doing something using Rick And Morty API some time ago learning vue, i can recommend this with a clear conscience for beginners, You can take a look at this app here:

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Ross Angus

I like it. The thumbnails have a bit of lag to them. Could you, I dunno, blur the old thumb until the new one loads in, or something?

dhruvindev profile image

Great work but you could have added a loading animation