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Back to JS & React

Well, I’m back to Javascript. It’s been C# in Unity, C++ in Unreal Engine, Godotscript or whatever, PHP for WordPress and Custom CMS, to React/Redux 🥵. I have to admit that PHP made a lot of sense to me and solidified some concepts about the web for me. I have yet to try Laravel, Symphony, or any other PHP framework. Honestly, I missed the flexibility of Javascript. The first thing I really remember liking about JS was anonymous functions. I can really just create a function on the fly?!? Coming from a C++ starting point back in the late 90s, anonymous functions wowed me. Even with my limited experience JS seems very flexible and expressive. Yes it’s easy to write bad code, but I never stopped using a 🔪 in the kitchen because of a little blood.

So anyway. Just ranting that I’m back on the JS bandwagon. Learning React & Redux from Stephen Grider on Udemy. Redux is a lot to wrap your head around sometimes, but I’ve heard React has a context api or something now. Haven’t made it that far yet, but soon.

Thanks for reading my rant. I’m gonna start (ranting) => posting more in the future. Think it will help the learning process. A lot of it will be beginners stuff. Bear with me.


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Sung M. Kim

Welcome back to JavaScript & React world there.

brace yourself