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Dropping Master Git & Github Course

πŸš€ Dropping the "Master Git and GitHub - Beginner To Expert" course from today.

✍ I decided to cover all concepts required to contribute to open source projects.


  • Intro
  • What is Git?
  • Download and Install Git
  • Git Basics
  • Git Extensions for VSCode
  • What is GitHub?
  • Create Account on GitHub
  • How To Create a Repository
  • How To Push to Repository
  • Why Create Issue
  • Why Create branches
  • Why Create Pull Request
  • Review/Approve/Merge a Pull Request
  • Why Create Releases
  • Git Advance
  • Contribute To Open Source Projects
  • How To Join an Organization
  • How To Create your own Organization
  • Working with Private Repositories in Organization
  • Files Required within an Open Source Project
  • Why use GitHub Bots
  • GitHub Contribution Graphs Overview
  • Creating Projects
  • Creating Gists
  • Decorating GitHub Profile
  • Final Thoughts


My Introduction:
I am Vivek Anand Sharma aka Slim Coder a Software Engineer and have worked with the latest technologies having great professional experience in the field of Software Development and Programming.

My expertise includes:
βœ” Back-End using NodeJS and Go.
βœ” SQL and NoSQL databases.
βœ” REST APIs using Express, Fastify, Koa, Gin.
βœ” Microservices based Applications.
βœ” Front-end responsive web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (PWA), Material-UI, Bootstrap, React, Redux, and Angular.
βœ” Docker for containerized applications.
βœ” Deployment of the highest scalable application that can be run on any cloud service provides including (Amazon AWS, Heroku, etc).
βœ” Mobile Application using React Native framework.
βœ” Message broker with RabbitMQ and SQS, SNS within Microservices architecture.
βœ” Unit/Integration/API/E2E Testing with Jest, Supertest, Chai, Mocha,

I am also an open-source developer, community enthusiast, love to helps developer communities and students, love to speak in events/webinars, love to give back to the community by recording courses, and uploading those courses for free.

My community/volunteer works helped by:
βœ” Contributing to Freecodecamp, Node js foundation,, and a lot of open source developers around the globe.
βœ” Contributing to Local communities of Google, Microsoft, Github, etc as Speaker.
βœ” Uploading videos/courses/webinars on YouTube.
βœ” Writing codes for Startups and Companies to build real-time projects.
βœ” Publish on Medium also helped the developer community on
βœ” Solving the developer's issues on Stackoverflow.

My achievements/certifications include:
βœ” Community Manager of Mentors without Borders.
βœ” Community Lead of Golang Pakistan.
βœ” Three Medium publishers namely, Be Yourself, Voice of Code, and Warp 9.
βœ” Two Top 10 Github Organization in Pakistan.
βœ” MERN Stack and MOS Word Certified.
βœ” Member of AWS and Linux Pakistan.
βœ” One Featured article on Medium.
βœ” One Complete Video Course.

⭐ Slim Coder is a character that is inspired by Eminem (Slim Shady).

😍 Plateforms:

1) Youtube:
2) Medium:
4) StackOverflow:
5) GitHub:
6) Blog:
7) FB Page:

Don't forget to contact me at my email address:


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