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Super secure communications algorithm

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A straight forward approach to build a super secure communication tunnel! Not just encryption I'm taking!

You'lln't probably see this kind of implementation and if talk about FB and other social media, they still fool us in the name of e2e encryption routines πŸ˜†

scenario: suppose I send encrypted message to you and you got the public key of mine


1.) my message is sent to a server and gets stored in redis/dynamo or just sql

2.) we both have public key of each other to decipher message right

3.) create few more transportation layer(just like middleware). I'm assuming 3 here

4.) as soon as step#1 happens, a service gets activated(cron/celery)

5.) that service will grab message(encrypted yet) and forward to next service(layer 2) and removes layer first

6.) Last service grabs that encrypted message and forwards to final destination and removes layer 2

7.) a client script will now, receives the message, decrypt it with my public key and renders to your screen/console

8.) client script will finally end up with removing last layer(3rd layer)

9.) this process will leave no trace but a blackhole which if any third party tries to break in, he is forced to retreat at layer 1.

10.) logic: hansel and gretel not sure but take the example of breadcrumbs. You leave beradcrump to let other come to the destination you're heading and without that he'll simply get lost right

sounds tough but easy. You can try any programming of your choice. I can guarantee theres no architecture more secure than this one

Thanks for reading 😊

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