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Tips for Developers

I wont talk about code, devOps or linting in this article. this post will list down some useful tips you can put in practice and i am sure it will help you in future.

1.) Create a doc immediately and write down solution you just approached for solving some bug. why ?

Answer: you dont do this because you are smart and lazy. this has happened many times in my life. i was struggling to fix some bug for days and once i resolved this, i just moved on and the next project i was assigned has exactly same bug and i wasted few days again.

2.) Create an Excel file and mention your daily work with Date and Time. why ?

Answer: incase attendance system crashes this will help if your company dont consider your attendance because of system failure. most company hire you for some other client and those client pay the company on hours of job you do. at the end of month, your company share your attendance to the client and client pays. what happens when company you are working with forgot record of your work OR client does the same ?

3.) if you are Introvert , your life wont be smooth. why ?

Answer: Introverts can only survive in corporate if they are excellent at their work. its also a truth, 90% introverts are more productive. Introverts dont like to bother orhers however they do like if someone comes to them and talk. problem is, your seniors would expect you to keep talking to them(boss-itch) stuff and i dont think you are there to entertain others. i have one liner solution: *use headphones and focus on your work(Best method) OR learn some butterForkMechanism.

4.) your Communication matters. why ?

Answer: you are good team member but company will only consider you for lead position if you are good at communication skills. i have seen many developers who have been working as software engineer for 7-8 years and some developer who's leading a team even they have overall 4 years of experience. when company creates list of employee they are going to fire, this perimeter is a vital one because they increase your pay every year but they cant put you on lead position.

5.) Dev Etiquette Important. why ?

Answer: there are some workplace etiquette you should follow. company monitors your behaviour with team and this adds point when your appraisal comes. they also take feedback from each member of the team. keep your workstation neat and clean. if you have big ego/attitude problem, make sure you are best member of the team(Skills).

this is what i have experienced. i fixed them slowly. dont take stress. remember, you succeed when you start making every situation interesting.


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