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Boilerplate Code - Starter projects in React, Vue, Python, Full-Stack

Hello coders,

I just finished this curated list with handcrafted boilerplate code for developers to help them start their projects. I'm using constantly these starters, to kick off faster small projects coded in React, Vue, and Python. PHP is not present anymore in my development, but a few items were added just to have a complete list. The list will have a few items per category, in order to remain relevant for the audience.

Thank you! Content provided by App Generator.

What is a Boilerplate

In programming, boilerplate code is a piece of software that can be reused over and over without changing a single line of code. The whole idea behind a starter (sometimes boilerplate code) is to skip coding that piece of code common to many projects.

šŸ”„ React Node JS Datta Able

Datta Able is an open-source React Dashboard that provides a colorful and modern design. Datta Able React Free is the most stylised React Free Admin Template, around all other admin templates in the market. It comes with high feature-rich pages and components with fully developer-centric code. The product comes with a simple JWT authentication flow: login/register/logout.

React Dashboard - Full-stack Datta Able Dashboard, now available wiht Node JS Backend.

React Node JS Berry

Berry is a creative free React Dashboard build using the Material-UI by CodedThemes agency. It is meant to be the best User Experience with highly customizable feature-riched pages. It is a complete game-changer React Dashboard Template with easy and intuitive responsive design as on retina screens or laptops. The product comes with a simple JWT authentication flow: login/register/logout.

React Nodejs Berry - Open-source full-stack seed project crafted by CodedThemes and AppSeed.

Nodejs - Argon Dashboard React

Reactstrap Admin Dashboard built for Nodejs - a fully coded ā€œfrontend + backendā€ solution (MERN stack). It is open-source, free and it features many components that can help you create amazing websites.

Nodejs - Argon Dashboard React

Full-Stack Boilerplate Code

UI-Ready web apps, coded with basic features (login, register) and backend.

Ful-Stack Web App with React UI and Express backend.

Flask Boilerplate Code

Flask Dashboard Black - Open-Source Admin Panel coded in Flask.

Nodejs Boilerplate Code

  • Nodejs Starter Hackathon - this Nodejs Boilerplate has more than 26k Github start and is equipped with many useful features like authentication, Bootstrap4 integration, SaaS support, modular and very easy to use - sources, live demo

  • Nodejs Starter API Kit - this starter is supported actively by a company and comes with tooling for authoring data API backends with Nodejs and GraphQL, out of the box - sources

  • Nodejs Starter Serverless is a Nodejs starter for the Serverless Framework with async/await and unit test support. The project is actively supported by Frank Wang with 450 Github stars. This starter got my attention mainly for the serverless concept, which is a raising concept in web development nowadays - sources

React Boilerplate Code

Vue Boilerplate Code

  • TypeScript Vue Starter is a starter template for TypeScript and Vue with a detailed README describing how to use the two together. Supported by Microsoft - sources

  • Nuxt.js - The Vue.js Framework - Nuxt.js presets all the configuration needed to make your development of a Vue.js application enjoyable. Nuxt.js can produce Universal, Single Page, and Static Generated Applications - sources

  • Quasar Framework - is an MIT licensed open-source Vue.js based framework, which allows you as a web developer to quickly create responsive++ websites/apps in many flavors: SPA, PWA, SSR - sources

Django Boilerplate Code

Laravel Boilerplate Code

  • Laravel 5 Boilerplate - Laravel Boilerplate installs like a regular Laravel application. If you've done it once, you've done it a million times - sources

  • Laravel Auth - Laravel 5.8 with user authentication, registration with email confirmation, social media authentication, password recovery, and captcha protection - sources

This is an opened list, please suggest new starters in the comments.


Thank you!

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RaphaĆ«l Morineau • Edited

I am also looking for Node/TS/React/Vue (REST or GraphQL) starters and boilerplates.
I did not find any so far, but noticed NestJS and more recently FoalTS.
Frontend side, i my ideal setup would be CRA/VueCLI of course, but with MaterialUI/Vuetify (M-UI is now TS-based, and Vuetify provides an "Ć -la-carte" builder).

Sidenote: i heard lot of issues with Next, something related to their ankward routing (?). On other hand, poeple are praising Nuxt.