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Nodejs Starter - Javascript Boilerplates to start fast

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Hello Coders,

Usually, when we start a new project, the codebase tends to repeat over and over among different projects. Instead of reinventing the wheel, all the time can be a good solution to use a starter kit, already equipped with a few basic tools and features. This article presents a shortlist with Nodejs Starters qualified for production use, based on a few necessary characteristics:

  • clean code structure that follows proper coding standards
  • documented and actively supported
  • a minimum validation (Github Stars, Number of Downloads)
  • Open-source released under a permissive license (MIT, LGPL)

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Nodejs - Argon Dashboard React

Reactstrap Admin Dashboard built for Nodejs - a fully coded “frontend + backend” solution (MERN stack). It is open-source, free and it features many components that can help you create amazing websites.

Nodejs - Argon Dashboard React

Nodejs - Vue Argon Design

Full-Stack Nodejs starter equipped with a fully usable Vue.js UI, coded on top of the Argon Design System design. The app uses a decoupled architecture, where the Vue.js frontend communicates with the Nodejs through secure ajax calls.

Nodejs - React Material Kit

Nodejs Starter - React Material Kit is a Full-Stack Nodejs starter equipped with a fully usable React UI, coded on top of the Material Kit design. The app uses a decoupled architecture, where the React frontend communicates with the Nodejs through secure ajax calls.

RESTful API Node Server

A boilerplate/starter project for quickly building RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose.

  • ES9: latest ECMAScript features
  • NoSQL database: MongoDB object data modeling using Mongoose
  • Authentication and authorization: using passport
  • Validation: request data validation using Joi

Nodejs Starter Hackathon

Nodejs Starter Hackathon is a project with 26k+ stars on Github, equipped with many useful features like:

  • MVC structure
  • Authentification: local (user/pass), OAuth (1.0, 2.0)
  • SaaS stylesheets, Bootstrap4 integrated
  • Forms powered by Mailgun and Sendgrid
  • Integrations for Paypal, Twitter, LinkedIn

This starter can be overwhelming for a beginner, but this fact can be easily compensated by reading the docs and interact with the project community.

Nodejs Starter hackathon - Image

Nodejs Starter API Kit

Nodejs Starter API Kit is a Boilerplate for authoring data API backends with Node.js and GraphQL. With more than 2.8k Github starts, this boilerplate is definitively a winner if your future project replaces the old school REST API with GraphQL. Features:

  • Common Node.js stack: Express, Passport, Session, Cors
  • PostgresSQL as DMBS, along with Redis
  • Localization and translations
  • Nodemailer, Handlebars templating
  • Deployment: via Docker

Starter Links

Nodejs Starter Serverless

Nodejs Starter Serverless is a Node.js starter for the Serverless Framework with async/await and unit test support. The project is actively supported by Frank Wang with 450 Github stars. This starter got my attention mainly for the serverless concept, which is a rising concept in web development nowadays. Features:

  • Integrate serverless-webpack plugin
  • ES7 syntax in handler functions
  • Support for unit tests (via Jtest)

Nodejs Starter Serverless Live sample hosted on AWS, and a sample of the code executed when we click on the link:

export const hello = async (event, context) => {
  return {
    statusCode: 200,
    body: JSON.stringify({
      message: `Go Serverless v1.0! ${(await message({ time: 1, copy: 'Your function executed successfully!'}))}`,
      input: event,

const message = ({ time, }) => new Promise((resolve, reject) =>
  setTimeout(() => {
    resolve(`${rest.copy} (with a delay)`);
  }, time * 1000)
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To start playing with this Nodejs starter, here is the list with requirements:

Nodejs Starter Express Bootstrap

Nodejs Starter Express Bootstrap is a lightweight Bootstrap NodeJS boilerplate built with ExpressJS 4, MongoDB/Mongoose, Authentication with Passport.js, Jade and GruntJS as Task Automation.

The app is well organized and actively supported by a freelancer. The demo link, hosted on Heroku, seems to be dead. The app can be successfully built on (at least) on Windows10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Not here production-ready Nodejs starter you know? Please suggest in the comments.


Thank you! Btw, my (nick) name is Sm0ke and I'm pretty active also on Twitter.

Discussion (7)

hagopj13 profile image
Hagop Jamkojian

Now that is a great list!

Check out my own boilerplate:

It is a node.js starter project with express and mongoose, and comes with many built in features. Just have a look and let me know what you think.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Hello @hagopj13 ,
Sorry for the delay. Your starter was added to the list. Let me know if the information is accurate. Also, if you have time for a freelance task, let me know.

Ty and keep up the good work.

meghraj profile image

he got a positive response and an offer after more than 1 year and 2 months

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Hello Hagop. I will take a look.
Thank you!

ngduc profile image
Duc Ng

Also check out this boilerplate: Node REM - NodeJS Rest Express MongoDB and more: typescript, passport, JWT,, HTTPS, HTTP2, async/await, nodemailer, templates, pagination, docker, etc.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author • Edited

Hello Duc.
Funny, I just saw your commit (on Github) a few minutes ago.
I will add your project asap. Thank you!

eddardomeka profile image
eddard omeka

wonderfull, only thing missing a starter for a bodejs worker/consumer for a queue system such as SQS, NSQ, Kafka or rabbit

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