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Why I made Unnamed?

Self-taught graphic, UI/UX designer and full stack JavaScript developer, loves open source and building side projects while working with startups.
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This article was originally published on my personal blog Smakosh.


I hate when I use a known css framework like Skeleton or Bulma… and specially frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation…

Because of many reasons but here’s the main reason: “since I’m also an UI designer, I always have to rewrite the entire css code of the UI elements like buttons, forms, cards…”.

So I started going deep in css, like the trick to style a radio or checkbox button (hiding the input and styling the span tag), learned a lot about flexbox, about the standard way to make a grid system (floats & widths), flexbox grids & also cssgrid & a lot more…, and so I started posting pens of each styled element on my codepen until one day I was designing an UI kit at 2 am — lol — and I thought about coding each element & that’s when I started coding the framework, I didn’t think about sharing it or open sourcing it but then I thought why not? some would love to use it too right? & so, I published it, made it open source & included everything on the github repository for the front end developers who would love to edit everything.

Unnamed is easy to use & to edit!, there is also a npm module

$ nmp i unnamed
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& import it if you’re using webpack

import 'unnamed'
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There is also a CDN if you’re not used to the node eco-system
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I got a positive & negative feedback on Product hunt that really made me go forward and make more useful products so expect more soon!


On github:

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