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Breadth first traversal for binary trees in JS

Breath first traversal of binary trees is a basic thing to do.
So why do I write this post?
Because there is a gap if you try to quickly look for implementation in google.

Most of the articles cover generic trees, not binary tress. Thus have no concept of "left" and "right" nodes, but just unordered children.

And this might confuse a beginner.
Others, like this great article at hackernoon do a perfect job explaining the concept, but not presenting the code for it.

gif by by Stephanie Wong

So, assuming you'll read the concept of how we use queues to do the breadth first traversal at this great article at hackernoon, here is a modern implementation, specific to binary trees with left and right nodes.
(And as in the gif above, it will always go from left to right)

class Tree {
  constructor(value, left, right) {
    this.value = value
    this.left = left
    this.right = right

const breadthFirstTraversal = (tree, callback) => {
  if (tree == null) {

  let queue = [tree]

  while (queue.length > 0) {
    let item = queue.shift()
    let value = item.value

    if (item.left == null && item.right == null) {
    if (item.left != null) {
    if (item.right != null) {

t = new Tree(1,
      new Tree(2, null, null), new Tree(3,
        new Tree(4, null, null), null))

breadthFirstTraversal(t, console.log)
// Will print "1,2,3,4"

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Eugene Vedensky • Edited

Finally a practical example of breadth first traversal that's fairly straight-forward to read. Thank you!

EDIT: Now, can we have an example of depth first in JS?

snird profile image
Snir David

I'll get on it (: