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How to become a data engineer? Complete learning path

Becoming a data engineer is not an easy path.

There are so many different subjects to control, with knowledge dependency between them that is overwhelming for someone who isn't already proficient in the area.

When I got into the subject, I struggled with that too even though I'm a senior engineer in the Fullstack development area.

Where do I start? SQL is obvious. Then I need to know how to manage a data warehouse? How should the data look in there? OLAP schema design is a subject in and of itself?

That's why I create the site awesome data engineering - learning path to become a data engineer.

Awesome data engineering screenshot

The resources index is open source and up for community contribution!

The site makes it easy to see the different subjects, the complete learning path, and then to filter by the type of resources you prefer on each subject.

Hope you'll find this project useful (:

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Bnaya Zilberfarb

Great stuff!

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Great work 👍